Welcome to the Home of Bunny Balls

How to play Bunny Balls

BunnyThis is Bunny

You can move her by swiping the screen, away from Bunny. You can also change movement control in the setup. You can choose between Tilt Move (by tilting your device), Swipe Move (by swiping the screen) or Controller (if you have one).


Bunny gets most points from diamonds. Collect as many as possible. Three or more diamonds in a row of the same colour will get you even more points! Diamonds can also be used to eliminate enemies by letting them fall on their heads.


The balls are handy, but dangerous! They will kill you when falling on your head. You can push balls sideways if there''s room for that. Also diamonds can be pushed sideways. You can also use them to eliminate your enemies.

dynamite 0000Dynamite

Bunny''s also got another weapon: dynamite! Click bunny (or fire controller) to release dynamite. You''ve got five seconds to get away. It will eliminate enemies, diamonds and balls if any nearby. You start with three bombs and can earn new dynamite by getting the dancing TNT. There''s also lots of it for sale in the shop.


Bunnyholes can be used to jump around the map. They are also a safe place to hide from enemies.

ghost3walkleft 0015Enemies

Then, ofcourse, here are your enemies. Kill them with diamonds, balls or dynamite for extra points! 

heart 0000Lives

You''ll have three lives to start with. This is a maximum. Gather more lives by finding a twirling heart. You can buy unlimited lives and dynamite in the shop. Simply Go Full there.


Find the exit door to finish a level. In the meantime, try to gather as much points as possible each level. When you replay a level, all highest scores stay, but you''ll have to go through all previous finished levels as well. All level scores are being added for a total score, which will be send to the Hall of Fame.